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At The Small Dog Hotel, I provide a ‘Home from Home’ boarding service for small dogs at my house in Largs.


It’s not a kennel, it's a home boarding service for dogs.


Your dog is welcomed into my home and receives the same levels of love, attention and affection as they would in their own home (just like my tiny Yorkie Molly).


They have free run of my house, access to all areas and an enclosed garden, whilst also enjoying lovely local walks to meet their exercise needs.


My service provides dogs with a stress-free and enjoyable experience as they receive all the fuss and cuddles they deserve.


I provide local authority approved, risk assessed ‘dog proof’ accomodation, fully insured and CRB checked.


I only accommodate a maximum of three dogs at the one time, and your pet is never left unattended in the company of other dogs (including little Molly).


To arrange a ‘meet and greet' prior to booking, please call Siobhan on 07760 508 766,  01475 336728, or email


Click here for a list of all our prices.


Click here to contact us.